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Who We Are Mondee Speciality Groups is an organization that provides deeply competitive group airfares to travel agents and group organizers around the world. We specialize in religious, academic missions, sports, humanitarian, and leisure travel. Our expert team

Portugal Will Remain Open to U.S. Travelers

Portugal will remain open to travelers from the United States despite the announcement from the European Union this week that the USA will be removed from the green list rank of countries due to rising CoVid numbers with

The Pandemic Effect: Impact on Global Travel & Operational Risk Management

The last couple of months have been jam-packed: the assassination of the Haitian president, violent unrest in South Africa, a coup in Mali., volcano eruption in the DRC, and cyberattack targeting USAID and NGOs. For the international development

Rebuilding Tourism Finland webinar

Learn all about traveling to Finland and get the latest from Finnair, Visit Finland and DMC Via Hansa & Borealis to get there with the latest protocols, enter the country, and have the best time while in Finland.

Caribbean Travel: Latest Advisories and Entry Requirements for Top Destinations

The Caribbean is very much open to travelers this summer, with several destinations receiving Level 1 travel advisories from the U.S. State Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), indicating that they are safe to visit

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